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Small Business & SME Grants Ireland

In the ever-changing world of small business financing, it’s essential for entrepreneurs to stay abreast of the various support systems available to them.

The government, acknowledging the vital role small businesses play in the economy, provides a variety of grants designed to support and stimulate growth within this sector.

These grants, which span across different industries and business stages, can provide the much-needed financial boost for businesses to thrive.

However, navigating through this complex landscape can often seem daunting.

In our subsequent discussion, we will take a meticulous look at the specifics of these grants, providing clarity on eligibility criteria, application processes, and strategic utilization, aiming to empower you with the knowledge to leverage these opportunities effectively.

Key Takeaways

  • Bank financing and support are available for small businesses in Ireland, offering features that appeal to SMEs and early-stage growth businesses.
  • The Future Growth Loan Scheme provides up to 800m of loans for terms of 7-10 years, supporting strategic long-term investment for eligible businesses.
  • The Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland offers loans to SMEs at rates up to two percent cheaper than market rates, providing cost savings for businesses compared to typical market loans.
  • Microfinance options are available for micro-enterprises in Ireland, including startups and growth firms, with loans ranging from 5,000 to 25,000 for commercially viable products. Additionally, the Credit Guarantee Scheme offers a partial government guarantee to finance providers for qualifying finance agreements, incentivising support for additional liquidity to Irish businesses.

Overview of Financial and Advisory Support

In the landscape of small business finance in Ireland, a variety of financial and advisory supports are available. These range from bank financing to government-backed schemes, all designed to stimulate growth and innovation in the SME sector.

These supports include small business grants in Ireland, business grants in Ireland, start-up business grants in Ireland, and business start-up grant in Ireland. They are all tailored to support and advance entrepreneurial endeavours.

Financial support for new businesses

To successfully launch and grow a new business in Ireland, entrepreneurs can take advantage of a range of financial supports including bank financing, loan schemes, and government-backed guarantees.

Among these are new business grants Ireland provides, along with other financial supports for new businesses. These assist startups in various sectors, demonstrating the Irish government’s commitment to nurturing entrepreneurship through small business grants Ireland offers.

Alternative Funding Methods

While the primary focus has been on traditional financial support, exploring alternative funding methods that offer unique benefits and flexibility for start-ups and growing businesses is essential.

Small business grants in Ireland, for example, are plentiful and varied. From strategic banking corporations to microfinance, numerous grants are available for businesses.

These options provide a solution for acquiring funds to start a business.

Comprehensive List of Business Funds and Grants

Numerous grants and funding options are available in Ireland to support the growth and development of small businesses. These include small business grants Ireland, business grants for start-ups, and grants for new businesses.

Particularly, business start-up grants Ireland are instrumental in supporting early-stage enterprises. With varied options, these funds provide financial assistance, fostering the inception, growth, and expansion of innovative and competitive small businesses across Ireland.

  • Employment Funding Support: Financial aid linked to a development plan that aims to increase employment opportunities.
  • Standard Mentor Assignment: Engage in ten sessions with an experienced mentor, tailored for new business founders.
  • Regional Development Feasibility Fund: Funding designed to deliver regional impact through sectoral projects and initiatives.
  • Research, Development & Innovation Fund: Grants available to develop new products, services, and processes.
  • Enterprise Emissions Reduction Investment Fund: Up to €1m in capital investment funding for decarbonisation of manufacturing combustion processes.
  • Enterprise Emissions Reduction Investment Fund: Funding for energy monitoring and tracking systems to aid in emissions reduction.
  • Digital Discovery: Assistance to develop a roadmap for digital transition within your enterprise.
  • Smart Regions Enterprise Innovation Fund: Financial support to drive job creation and enterprise development throughout Ireland.
  • Online Retail Scheme: Grants to help businesses develop a competitive online presence and expand customer base.
  • Key Manager Support: Funding of up to €150,000 to attract senior leadership talent.
  • LeanPlus: Financial support and training to enhance productivity through lean methodologies, with grants up to €50,000.
  • LeanStart: Initiatives to begin your journey of digital and lean tool integration.
  • Market Discovery Fund: Develop strategies for market entry with funding support of up to €150,000.
  • Strategic Consultancy Assignment: Grants to hire external consultants for improved efficiency and growth strategies.
  • Climate Action Voucher: Get started on your business’s sustainability initiatives.
  • Strategic Marketing Review (SMR): A senior management program for developing a strategic marketing roadmap.
  • IP Plus & IP Start: Encouragement and support for innovation, crucial for economic growth and job creation.
  • Innovation Voucher: Opportunities to explore innovative solutions to business challenges.
  • Innovation Partnership Programme: Gain access to research and innovation expertise with funding of up to €200,000.
  • Digital Marketing Capability: Improve your digital marketing strategy with dedicated support.
  • Ukraine Enterprise Crisis Scheme – Stream 2: Assistance for energy-intensive companies to manage the economic impact of the crisis in Ukraine.
  • GreenStart: Begin your path to sustainability with the necessary support.
  • GreenPlus: Receive expert help and up to €50,000 in funding to go green.
  • GradStart: Secure innovative graduate talent for your business.
  • Digital Process Innovation: Grants up to €150,000 to introduce new technology and digital processes.
  • Exploring Innovation: Support to develop a comprehensive research and development strategy.
  • Capital Funding Support: Grants aimed at increasing international trade through enhanced productivity and competitiveness.
  • Operational Excellence: Invest in large-scale transformation projects for operational improvement.
  • Evolve Strategic Planning: Formulate a strategic response to business disruptions.

Sector-Specific and General Business Grants

In Ireland’s business funding domain, sector-specific and general business grants provide targeted financial support to enterprises across various industries. These business grants, designed to bolster economic growth, cater to the unique needs of different sectors.

Sector-specific and general business grants play pivotal roles in the landscape of small business grants Ireland offers, fuelling innovation and creating opportunities for business expansion and job creation.


Drawing on the various financial supports and resources available for start-ups and small businesses in Ireland, it becomes evident that the Irish government and financial institutions are committed to fostering a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.

  1. Grants for new businesses in Ireland are plentiful and diverse.
  2. Business start-up grant options offer valuable financial support.
  3. New business grant opportunities stimulate growth and innovation.
  4. A business grant can propel a small company towards success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What specific features do banks offer that appeal to SMEs and early-stage growth businesses?

Banks offer various features to SMEs and early-stage growth businesses such as secured and unsecured interest rates, diverse financial products and services. Some banks also have start-up packages that include a business current account.

How Does the Future Growth Loan Scheme Facilitate the Growth and Expansion of Businesses in Ireland?

The Future Growth Loan Scheme in Ireland provides long-term loans, ranging from 7-10 years, to eligible businesses. The scheme facilitates business growth and expansion by supporting strategic, long-term investments with competitive interest rates.

What is the process to apply for a microfinance loan through a Local Enterprise Office?

To apply for a microfinance loan through a Local Enterprise Office, one needs to submit a business plan, complete an application form, and provide financial projections. The LEO evaluates the application based on viability and potential.

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