Upgraded Bandon Wastewater Treatment Plant Enhances Capacity and Water Quality

    Image from Roadform Ltd

    In a significant development for Bandon, County Cork, Roadform Ltd. has completed a critical upgrade to the local wastewater treatment infrastructure. This project marks a pivotal advancement in the region’s ability to manage wastewater, increasing the facility’s treatment capacity and notably enhancing the quality of water discharged into the River Bandon.

    The comprehensive upgrade focused on the existing wastewater treatment plant and related facilities, including the pump station and the outfall location on the Bandon River, extending its reach to the N71 public road. One of the project team’s key challenges was the execution of work at the active pump station. This phase entailed the demolition of old structures, rerouting the town’s wastewater flows, and constructing new reinforced concrete pump station structures. These tasks were particularly challenging due to the depth of the structures, exceeding 10 meters, and the necessity to work within temporary structures designed to support the construction efforts.

    The sensitivity and restricted nature of the site added another layer of complexity to the project, requiring meticulous planning and execution to minimize impact on the surrounding environment and community.

    Further enhancements were made at the wastewater treatment plant itself. The project team erected new reinforced concrete structures, including Advanced Aeration System (AAS) tanks, a control building, and a substation building. The construction also included laying internal pipelines and establishing all associated structures and services required for the upgraded facility to function efficiently.

    A critical component of the infrastructure upgrade was the construction of new pipelines designed to carry treated water safely away from the plant. The installation included a 1200mm diameter concrete outfall pipeline, 400mm diameter Ductile Iron rising main pipelines along the public road at the N72, and Polyethylene (PE) pipelines within the wastewater treatment plant and pump station sites.

    This ambitious project not only improves the operational capacity and efficiency of the Bandon wastewater treatment facilities but also plays a crucial role in protecting the local environment. By enhancing the quality of treated water returned to the River Bandon, the upgrade contributes to the health of the local ecosystem and supports the community’s well-being.

    About Roadform Ltd

    Roadform Ltd., a leading civil engineering contractor, has once again demonstrated its expertise and commitment to environmental sustainability and community welfare with successfully completing the Bandon Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) upgrade. Renowned for their innovative approach to complex infrastructure projects, Roadform Ltd. has brought a blend of engineering excellence and environmental stewardship to Bandon.

    Established as a pivotal player in civil engineering, Roadform Ltd. specialises in delivering high-quality infrastructure projects across Ireland. Their portfolio spans various sectors, including wastewater treatment, road construction, and urban redevelopment, showcasing a broad spectrum of capabilities from detailed planning to precision execution.